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 1966 Born in Bogota.D.C. Colombia


1986 Graduate en the French College Louis Pasteur - Bogota.D.C. - Colombia
1994 Graduate Master of Art. National University of Colombia Bogota.D.C.

Teaching experience:

1993-1994 Teacher of painting and drawing, Gymnasium Campestre College Bogotá. Colombia
1994/ 2001 Supply teacher: person in charge of the video studio ; person in charge of the arts projects studio of the preschool department. French College Louis Pasteur Bogota...

Exhibitions carried out

  • 2016, « ART MONACO » Mónaco.
  • 2015, Galería LLUVIART- Bogotá, Colombia
  • 2015, C.U Salón de arte La Candelaria -Bogotá D.C. Colombia.
  • 2015, FIARTE 2a. Feria de Arte- Santo Domingo- Rep. Dominicana.
  • 2013, HOMENAJE, Montealegre Galería de Arte Bogotá D.C. Colombia.
  • 2013, « Casa de Subasta de Drouot » - Paris Francia.
  • 2013, Subasta de arte México Colombia Fundación tejido Humano. Hacienda de los Morales México.
  • 2012, « Peintres Latino-américains » galería « AIX POSITIONS » - Aix en Provence, Francia.
  • 2012, ART PALM BEACH - EE.UU .
  • 2011, MIA-Miami International Art Fair-Miami Convention Center-South Beach- EE.UU.
  • 2011, « Global Projects, International Artists at Home and Abroad. » - Broadway Gallery, NYC,EE.UU.
  • 2010, Smart Aix 2010-Aix en Provence-Francia.
  • 2010, Ier Salón de Arte Contemporáneo-Museo de Arte Moderno-Ciudad de Panamá-Panamá.
  • 2010, MIA-Miami International Art Fair-Miami Convention Center-South Beach- EE.UU.
  • 2009, Polípticos Galería Baobab- Bogotá-Colombia.
  • 2009, Formas Colores y Luz-Ayuntamiento de Valdeolmos-Alalpardo-Madrid-España.
  • 2009, Salón Franco Español de la Primavera-Museo Matra-Romorantin-Lanthenay-Francia.
  • 2009, 27°Salón del Val de Cher-Saint Victor-Allier-Francia.
  • 2009, Salón de Otoño en Sarria-España.
  • 2009, Salón de Otoño de París-Espacio Triennal-Chamalières-Francia.
  • 2008, SALON D'AUTOMNE DE PARIS - Sélection de 174 Artistes- Espace Triennal Chamalières - Francia
  • 2008, Galería BAOBAB - Bogotá, D.C - Colombia
  • 2008, 26° Salón del Val de Cher, Saint Victor-Allier-Francia.
  • 2008, Salón de Arte Contemporáneo ARTEC-Museo Matra-Romorantin-Lanthenay-Francia.
  • 2008, Meditación y Luces-Sala real de la Madeleine-París-Francia.
  • 2008, Salón de Otoño del Grand Palais en Sarria-España.
  • 2008, Festival Franco Japonés-Blois-Francia.
  • 2008, Subasta de Arte Colombia/México-Asociación Tejido Humano-México.
  • 2008, Artec-Alalpardo-España.
  • 2008, Salón de Otoño de París-Espacio Auteuil-París-Francia.
  • 2008, Salón de Arte Contemporáneo del Carrusel del Louvre-Museo del Louvre-París-Francia.
  • 2008, Salón de Artistas Franceses-Grand Palais-París-Francia.
  • 2008, Artec-Algete-España.
  • 2007, Exposición colectiva "Une sélection de peintures et sculptures" del Salón de Otoño- Espace Triennal- Chamalières- Francia
  • 2007, Exposición colectiva FUZ'ART - Espace Port-Royal - St Lambert des Bois - Versailles - Francia
  • 2007, GALERIA BAOBAB. Bogotá D.C - Colombia
  • 2007, SALON D'ART CONTEMPORAIN ARTEC - Musée MATRA - Romorantin (artista invitado de honor)
  • 2007, GALERIA LES VOÛTES DU PUITS CHÂTEL - Blois - Francia (exposición colectiva)
  • 2007, GALERIA FRANCOIS I er- Aubigny sur Nère - Francia (exposición individual)
  • 2007, Salon International d'Art Contemporain ARTEC Chouzy sur Cisse - Francia
  • 2007, Salón de Otoño de Paris 2007 - Espace Auteuil- París
  • 2007, Salón De Artistas Franceses- Grand Palais- Paris - Francia
  • 2006, Exposición internacional de Arte Contemporáneo ARTEC 2006 Chouzy sur Cisse-Francia. Salón de Otoño
  • 2006, Les Champs de la Diversité- Palais des Congrès Est Montreuil.-París- Francia
  • 2005, GALERIA BAOBAB. Bogotá [-] Colombia
  • 2005, GALERIA WEILL ART Ciudad de Panamá Panamá
  • 2004, GALERÍA WEILL ART Ciudad de Panamá - Panamá
  • 2003, PATRONATO DE LA ALIMENTACIÓN. Ciudad de Panamá
  • 2003, GALERIA WEILL ART - Subasta de arte. Ciudad de Panamá-Panamá
  • 2001, GALERÍA GOYAS, Bogotá D.C. Colombia
  • 2001, GALERÍA MINIFORMATO, Bogotá D.C. Colombia
  • 1998, ARTISTAS DEL EJE CAFETERO, Universidad del Área Andina, Corporación de turismo, Pereira - Risaralda - Colombia.
  • 1996, VISIONES, Club Rialto de Pereira, Risaralda- Colombia
  • 1993, I CONCURSO NACIONAL DE PINTURA, Banco Ganadero - Bogotá D.C. - Colombia.

Awards received

  • 2014, « Sincronía » Salón de Arte. Bogotá D.C. - Colombia.
  • 2007, Salón de Artistas Franceses Medalla de Bronce
  • 1997, Bolsa Mundial del Arte
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 1966 Born in Bogota.D.C. Colombia


1986 Graduate en the French College Louis Pasteur - Bogota.D.C. - Colombia
1994 Graduate Master of Art. National University of Colombia Bogota.D.C.

Teaching experience:

1993-1994 Teacher of painting and drawing, Gymnasium Campestre College Bogotá. Colombia
1994/ 2001 Supply teacher: person in charge of the video studio ; person in charge of the arts projects studio of the preschool department. French College Louis Pasteur Bogota D.C. Colombia
2001-2005 Teacher of painting and drawing, Jules Verne College, Guatemala City-Guatemala
Group Exhibitions:

2012 ART PALM BEACH Miami- U.S.A.
2011 "Global Projects, International Artists at Home and Abroad." Broadway Gallerie, NYC U.S.A.
2010 Contemporary Art Show SMART AIX 2010 - Aix en Provence France
Contemporary Art Show -Next-Chicago - U.S.A
'First Contemporary Art Exhibition Museum of Modern Art in Panamá City "- Panamá
Contemporary Art Show- MIA Miami- U.S.A.

2009 "Light Colors and Shapes"-City of Valdeolmos-Alalpardo-Madrid-Spain.
"Franco Spanish Hall of Spring"-Museum Lantenay Matra-Romorantin France.
"27 ° Val de Cher Show" Saint Victor-Allier, France.
"Salon d'Automne in Sarria"-Spain.
"Salon d'Automne in Paris," Space-Chamalières Triennal France
Contemporary Art Show- NEXT-CHICAGO- U.S.A
2008 "26 ° Val de Cher Show", "Saint Victor-Allier, France.
"ARTEC Contemporary Art Exhibition", Museum Lantenay Matra-Romorantin France.
"Meditation and Enlightenment" real-Sala de la Madeleine, Paris, France.
"Autumn Salon of the Grand Palais in Sarria"-Spain.
"Festival Franco Japanese", Blois, France.
"Art Auction Colombia / Mexico," Human Tissue-Mexico Partnership.
"Artec" sur-Cisse Chouzy France.
"Salon d'Automne in Paris," Space-France-Paris Auteuil.
"Contemporary Art Exhibition Carrousel du Louvre," Louvre-Paris-France.
"Salon of French Artists' Grand Palais, Paris, France.
2007 "A Selection of Paintings and Sculptures," Autumn Salon-Space-Chamalières Triennal France.
"Fuz'Art," Space Port Royal-St Lambert des Bois-Versailles, France.
"Artec 2007" Museum-Matra-Romorantin (Artist Guest of Honor).
"Artec 2007" Chouzy sur-Cisse, France.
"Salon d'Automne in Paris," Space-France-Paris Auteuil.
"Salon of French Artists' Grand Palais, Paris, France.
"Contemporary Art Exhibition," Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

2006 "Artec" sur-Cisse Chouzy France.
"Autumn Salon" The Palace of Congress-Paris-France
2003 "Artists First Exhibition of Colombian residents in Guatemala" Anacafé-Guatemala-Central.
"Group Exhibition," Art Gallery & Miss-Paris-France.
"The Shoah"-Board Food Panama.? Panama City - Panama
1998 "Exhibition of Artists of the Coffee Region," University of the Andean-Pereira, Colombia
1993 "First National Painting Contest," Cattle Bank-Bogota DC, Colombia.
"New Age", Council of Bogotá, Colombia.

Solo Exhibitions:

2009 "Polyptych" - Baobab Gallery, Bogotá-Colombia.
"Germán Rodríguez Works" - LCT Gallery - Juvisy sur Orge France.
2008 "Universes" - Baobab Gallery -Bogotá-Colombia.
"Germán Rodríguez works," Coeur d'Art Gallery - Brioude France.
"Abstracts and Portraits", Alliance Francaise & Weil Art Gallery, Panamá City
2007 "Germán Rodríguez," Baobab Gallery, Bogotá DC, Colombia.
"Germán Rodríguez Works", Les Voutes duPuits de Châtel Gallery -Blois, France.
"Germán Rodríguez" François Ier Gallery - Aubigny sur Nère-France.
2005 "Germán Rodríguez," Baobab Gallery, Bogota DC, Colombia.
"Germán Rodríguez Works"-Weil Art Gallery, Panamá City Panamá
2004 "Germán Rodríguez," Weil Art Gallery, Panamá City Panamá
2001 "Germán Rodríguez," Montealegre Art Gallery, Bogotá DC, Colombia.
"Germán Rodríguez" ? MiniFormato Art Gallery - Bogotá DC-Colom
1998 "Germán Rodríguez" Colombo-French Alliance, Bogotá DC, Colombia.
"Germán Rodríguez," University of Antioquia Art, Medellín, Colombia
1996 "Imaginary" Colombo-French Alliance - Pereira, Colombia.
"Visions"-Club Rialto-Pereira, Colombia
Collections and Museums:

Museum of Modern Art -MAMBO - Bogotá-Colombia
Canal Museum - Panamá City - Panamá.
Central Library-Panamá City-Panamá
Museum of Modern Art, Panamá City, Panamá
Alalpardo Art Museum - Madrid - Spain.
"Nestlé" Corporation Bogotá- Colombia.
President of "Los Coches" Bogotá- Colombia.


"Germán Rodríguez" - Magazine Art America - Miami - USA
"Germán Rodríiguez" - Le Monde Diplo - October 2005 - Bogotá, Col.
"Ideas Fallen" - KARPA Journal No. 4.1 and 4.2 winter and summer online Edition 2011 - California State University - Los Angeles, USA.
NYC Arts Magazine - Spring 2012 Edition.
Germán Rodríguez- NYC Arts Magazin- New York-U.S.A.


2008 Special Award Medal "Best Abstract Work " 26 ° Contemporary Art Show - Val de Cher - Saint-Victor- Allier France
2007 Bronze Medal - French Artists Art Show- Arts at Capitale Grand Palais - Paris,France.
1997 Second Place in World Exchange abstract painting-Art-Bogotá DC - Colombia

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